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Contact Information

Tel: +358 207 013 013

Altia Industrial Customer Service: +358 207 013 648

e-mail: firstname.lastname(at)


Altia Oyj - Headquaters

Visit: Kaapeliaukio 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Postaddress: PL 350, 00101 Helsinki, Finland

Altia Industrial, Koskenkorva plant

Santavuorentie 11

61330 Koskenkorva, Finland

Altia Industrial, Technical ethanol

Valta-akseli 9

05200 Rajamäki, Finland

Rajamäki beverage plant and logistics

Valta-akseli 2

05200 Rajamäki, Finland


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Farmers are our valuable partners

Barley - Contact Info

Starch Production Equipment

Starch - Contact Info

Koskenkorva plant

Koskenkorva Plant - Contact Info

Technical Ethanol Plant in Rajamäki

Rajamäki Technical Ethanol Plant - Contact Info

Broad tank capacity serves industrial customers well

Sourcing of Ethanols and Solvents - Contact info

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